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Stephen Curry Is Changing The Way NBA 2K17 Will Be Made

by Damian Seeto


Stephen Curry is playing so well in real life that 2K Sports is needing to rethink how they make this year’s NBA 2K17. Stephen Curry’s NBA 2K16 self isn’t as good as the real thing.

During an interview with IGN, NBA 2K’s gameplay director Mike Wang explained how Stephen Curry’s shot ability is inaccurate in NBA 2K16. In real life, the player can make what seems to be impossible looking shots and this has to change in NBA 2K17.

However, Wang notes that the changes being made may only affect Stephen Curry. They won’t be changing the shot meter/physics for other players in the NBA. Curry will be getting special treatment for this year’s game because he is that damn good.

For now, 2K Sports is working hard to improve the shot meter for Curry in NBA 2K16. They are taking baby steps for now until they can get it right. Nobody has played better than their virtual counterpart before.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors are playing at a level that has not been seen before since the ’90s. They are on track to beat the record set by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls team from the 1995/1996 NBA season.

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