Stonehearth Alpha 9 Out Now

by AOTF Staff

Radiant Entertainment has just confirmed the release of Stonehearth Alpha 9, which brings in new content and a lot of bug fixes.

Testing of Alpha 9 has been ongoing for over two weeks, nevertheless the team is only now satisfied enough with the new version to officially release it. Over the past fortnight many additional bugs have been located and the severity of others noticed. The update to Stonehearth Alpha 9 is not just about fixing bugs and brings in a large range of content. New harvesting commands, looting, combat rebalancing, combat scenarios, combat music, shops and an autosave feature have all been added to the game.

Many fans have been requesting an autosave feature, as the game does occasionally crash, so it is nice to see it making it into the game with the latest update. As the game is only in alpha the crashing issue is not a surprise, with the full game being many versions away.

Here is the complete list of the bug fixes that Radiant Entertainment have been able to make for Stonehearth Alpha 9:

  • In the build HUD, don’t show zones that the player doesn’t own
  • Fix display of ghost item rendering on structures
  • Inanimate objects no longer write journal entries when they die
  • Fix tearing down buildings after construction has started
  • More region calculation optimizations
  • Speed up the ambient-occlusion algorithm
  • Fix bug in the selection of doors, windows, and doodads in the building designer
  • Significant performance increases to nav-grid calculation (used by the pathfinder). The game should not longer hiccup when building roads or mining.
  • Properly restore real-time timers on load (fixes zombie worker bug)
  • Fix demotion of the Shepherd
  • Fixes to calculation of water-tight regions (shhhh, you’re not supposed to know about water yet)
  • Fix for unexplored region being misplaced on load occasionally
  • Fix bug where job talismans were not properly assigned to their workshops
  • Increased logging infrastructure to help us better diagnose your automatic crash reports
  • Error boost::interprocess::bad_alloc should be eliminated, or at least very greatly reduced.
  • Clicks will no longer go “through” the UI and hit the game world when the game is not exactly 1.777:1 aspect ratio. AKA, the “ghost UI” bug
  • The chromium log no longer spams when starting or loading a game
  • Fixed script error when growing corn
  • Fix bug where on some systems the game would take several minutes to startup or load when there were many save games present

- This article was updated on March 25th, 2015