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Input Lag Reduction Coming To Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition In Upcoming Patch

Overdue, but appreciated.

by Jelani James


Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is getting a patch come Oct. 23 and it will be addressing an issue that has been plaguing the game since launch: input lag.

The news comes via the official Street Fighter Twitter account, which promised to tackle the input lag later this month.

Needless to say, this is pretty exciting news for both casual and experienced players alike.

When Street Fighter 5 first launched, there was an eight second input delay, making just about any reaction-based action (e.g. whiff punishing) all but impossible to achieve. It would have been one thing if things ended there, but what made the input delay even more frustrating was that it was markedly longer than the four frame delay experienced in Street Fighter 4.

Admittedly, things got better later on when the input delay was reduced to about 6.2 seconds on average, but that isn’t really much to write home about.

Now, Capcom is poised to reduce the input lag once again, but we’re still missing one key detail: how much it will actually be reduced by. Sure, the mere fact that it is getting reduced in any capacity is something to be lauded, but it would be ideal to see a reduction akin to Tekken 7 (reportedly 7.7 to 5.7).

Guess we’ll have to wait until Oct. 23 to find out. Keep your fingers crossed.

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