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Summer League Is Coming To NBA 2K16

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports has confirmed as of today that the Summer League will be a part of NBA 2K16 for the first time since NBA 2K11.

The official Twitter page for NBA 2K tweeted out:

“The has kicked off and is coming to ! Prepare for your future.

As reported by Pasta Padre, the Summer League was last seen in the series in NBA 2K11. In that game, your MyPlayer character would end up being there.

In the actual NBA, the Summer League is where the not-so-great players tune their skills during the off season. This might include rookies, second year players, or free agents that were sadly not picked for a team. Games are slightly shorter as they last for 40 minutes long as opposed to 48 minutes in the actual big leagues.

2K Sports did not elaborate any further on this mode of the game yet. It’s possible it could be a part of the MyPlayer mode so your character can improve on their skills. In the last game, your player would just sit at home during the off season hoping to get drafted or traded to a different team

Are you happy the Summer League will be in NBA 2K16?

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