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Super Bomberman R Update Patch 1.3 Vastly Improves Performance

by Mike Guarino


Super Bomberman R launched for the Nintendo Switch last month, and in that time it has received some updates to improve the experience. That continues today with a new patch that vastly improves the game’s overall performance, along with adding some new content for owners of the game to check out.

Starting with the performance improvements, the 1.3 patch says that the “frame rate of the entire game has been improved.” Slight adjustments have also been made to the game’s controls, making it a smoother experience. They also note that lags are less likely to happen now when every participant in the Online Battle mode has a good network connection. Thankfully, the game has an option so that you can search for only opponents that have good connections.

This performance boost has been displayed in a new comparison video, which shows the game running before and after the 1.3 patch. It’s not hard to spot the difference, as the video shows the game running at 60fps after the patch. You can check out that video at the bottom of this post.

The rest of the patch has to do with content additions and gameplay tweaks. Four new vs. stages have been added to the shop, as well as two new accessories. The strength of the Five Dastardly Bombers from the story mode have been adjusted, and the difficulties of beginner and normal modes have been reduced. There are several other minor tweaks that have been made with this patch, and you can check out the complete patch notes by clicking right here.

Super Bomberman R is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. We were mixed on the game when we covered it last month, giving it 3/5 stars in our review. The game’s lack of content was the biggest flaw, making it a tough sell at full price.

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