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Super Mario Maker 2 Campaign has 100+ Nintendo-Made Levels

It's a big sequel

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Maker 2 might be all about the random, fun levels made by players around the world, but it will still have a pretty robust single player campaign according to today’s special Nintendo Direct presentation. Featuring over 100 brand new levels all crafted by Nintendo designers, this could end up being the biggest Mario adventure ever created, and that’s before any fans make a single level of their own.

Of course, that might make you wonder what this single player campaign could contain that we haven’t seen before. A whole lot actually. Acting as a bit of a tutorial for the player-creation toolset, the campaign is said to introduce and explore all the new ways you can create levels within Super Mario Maker 2. You can see a bunch of those right here, which include a Super Mario 3D World theme and multiplayer co-op, among a ton more.

It’s clear that Nintendo didn’t just slap some extra stuff onto the Wii U release and call it a sequel. Super Mario Maker 2 is a massive improvement on the original. Many complaints have been resolved and additions made, along with some huge surprises. And the game isn’t out, so there’s still a chance for more surprises to come.

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