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Super Mario Maker 2 Players Can Now Upload Up to 64 Levels

Players can now share twice as many levels with the community.

by Dylan Siegler


When Super Mario Maker 2 launched last month, there was a cap on how many levels a user could upload to the game’s network. Now, that cap has been doubled.

Nintendo recently announced that the cap of 32 levels per user has now been increased so that each player can upload a total of 64 levels, doubling the amount of user-created levels each player can share with the community. The original Super Mario Maker started off with a cap of 10 levels per user, with the potential to increase to 100 levels per user if their levels were rated highly enough by the community. Of course, Super Mario Maker 2‘s new level cap of 64 isn’t nearly as large as the first game’s potential of 100 user-created levels per player, but Nintendo also stated that they plan to increase the level cap again sometime in the future.

On a sort of related note, in the same message, Nintendo announced that the development team behind Super Mario Maker 2 has created a new level featuring Mario’s Super Ball power-up. This power-up allows Mario to fire a rubber ball (rather than his traditional fire ball), which bounces all over the place, taking out enemies and collecting coins. You can check that level out with this code: 24Y-BMK-5JG

Super Mario Maker 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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