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Super Mario Maker’s Key Update Will Be Available Today

by | @DJamesSC | on March 9, 2016

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker already had a lot of content packed into one game when it launched last September, but Nintendo hasn’t stopped in the time since by bringing us a number of updates, and the latest is set to arrive today with some big new features.

We first learned of the next update for Super Mario Maker during last week’s Nintendo Direct, but now Nintendo has uploaded a full trailer for the update to their video channel to promote it’s release later today.

As with the other updates, this one is completely free, but they are not holding back on the content at all as six new features are coming in this one update.

The first is the ability to turn a Thwomp into a Skewer from Super Mario World by shaking it during level creation. The second feature also involves the shaking of an existing item, this time the P Block, which will then turn into a key. This goes together with the ability to also create key doors by shaking regular doors, allowing you to make even more complex levels. You can even put the keys in blocks or as a reward for beating enemies, so you can actually make boss battles that have no way of being skipped.

This update also allows you to turn regular coins into pink ones, which you can place up to five of in an area. By collecting these, you will earn a key, which adds another layer to the key mechanic.

A new game mode has even arrived in this mode with Super Expert mode for 100 Mario Challenge, which is unlocked by beating the regular Expert 100 Mario Challenge. Through this, 12 new mystery mushrooms have been added to the game, with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’s Tetra shown as an example.

The fifth feature is the ability to enter your created stages and see the failure points and comments that others have made while playing. The sixth and final update actually is not involving the game itself, but the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website. With this new update, you can now view and sort who has the most world record clear times, and also bookmark all of their world record setting courses with one click.

There is no specific time for this latest update to go live for Super Mario Maker, but it will be available at some point today, March 9.

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