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Super Mario Run Update 1.1.0 Adds New Easy Mode

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Run is a runaway success story for Nintendo. Ugh, sorry about that. Anyway, the game is a huge hit with tens of millions of downloads. There’s some discussion about how many of those end up actually paying for the game, but let’s save that for another time. Right now Super Mario Run Update 1.1.0 is hitting the iOS App Store, so let’s break down what it adds.

The big one is the addition of a new Easy Mode which give players “unlimited Bubbles and removes the time limit.” This should really help those who might be struggling to complete the tougher levels featured later in the game. Toad Rally is also getting a bit easier, with players losing less Toads whenever they fail, and making it easier overall to get more Toads.

The other changes are mostly background stuff like compatibility with new events and allowing the game to be played in Korean. So not a major new update, but definitely one that fans of Super Mario Run will want to download as soon as possible.

Super Mario Run is still only available on iPhone, unfortunately. The game will arrive on Android in March though, so fans just have a little while left to wait. You can still pre-register for the game, so that you get a notification when it finally is available for download.

Super Mario Run is one of Nintendo’s first mobile titles, after Miitomo and Pokemon Go (which was developed by Niantic with oversight from Nintendo). The game has been a big success so far, earning millions on the Apple App Store. Expanding into Android should add a few million to its total, though being a free download, many are not making the leap to the paid experience. $9.99 is a high price for a mobile game, do you think it was too much?

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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