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System Shock Remake Confirmed For PS4 Release Alongside Xbox One And PC

| July 21, 2016

System Shock Remake Confirmed For PS4 Release Alongside Xbox One And PC News PC Gaming Xbox  System Shock PlayStation 4

Nightdive Studios is currently in the process of remaking the cult classic System Shock, though they have now announced that the game will also be coming to another major platform when it launches. Though originally only announced for Xbox One and PC, the developer has now confirmed that the game will also be coming to PlayStation 4.

The developer made the announcement through a new update on the game’s Kickstarter page, where they said the following:

“When we launched this Kickstarter, supporting PS4 was a possibility, but we hadn’t started talking to Sony just yet about it. We were all focused on wrapping the demo up and prepping the Kickstarter. We already had strong contacts at Microsoft from prior projects, so supporting Xbox One was less of an unknown.”

However, they go on to say that “After we saw the overwhelming demand for PS4, we reshuffled our priorities and focused on talking to Sony about making that happen. After a few weeks and lotttts of emails, we are officially on track for bringing System Shock to the PS4! No stretch goal for it. We’re adding it in as a thank you to our backers that put their faith in us.”

The Kickstarter campaign is still going strong despite already reaching its funding goal, having raised over 1 million dollars and with a week still to go. The game is currently slated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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  • Tga215

    Glad to hear that

  • smd

    Another Kickstarter game is set to come out soon: We Happy Few

    “Survival in ‘We Happy Few’ starts next week”

    • Guest

      It’s not the full game yet, it’s an early version they are calling “Gameplay Alpha”.
      Backers have already got the code but what was said in the kickstarter newsletter is that we can’t play the game until tuesday.
      Can’t wait…