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Tekken 7 Director Is Hoping PlayStation VR Price Is In The $300-$400 Range

by Damian Seeto


Pretty much most people’s jaws dropped when the Oculus Rift was announced to cost $599. Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada is hoping the PlayStation VR price is much cheaper than that.

A fan asked Harada on his Twitter account if he’s hoping that the PlayStation VR headset should be priced at around $300 to $400. He replied withI hope so“.

Harada was also asked by a another fan if he thought the Oculus Rift is too expensive. He said: “Umm yes… I knew it..” It’s almost like he knew the device was going to be too expensive.

It’s significant that Harada wants the PlayStation VR headset to be affordable. He’s developing both Tekken 7 and Summer Lesson. Both games will be compatible on Sony’s VR device.

From a developer’s standpoint, they would like technology to be affordable so that gamers are able to play and buy their games. By making something too expensive, customers won’t be able to play their games.

Tekken 7 will sell regardless because the PlayStation VR is not needed. A game like Summer Lesson is exclusive to the VR headset so Harada would like more people to play it if possible.

Sony has a slight edge over Oculus Rift in that they are able to set a price that is more attractive for gamers of all kinds.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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