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Tekken 7 PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro Bundles Announced for Europe


Bandai Namco and Sony have unveiled a special PlayStation 4 bundle that includes the deluxe edition of the upcoming Tekken 7. The package has only been announced for the UK and European market for now, and surprisingly it is available with both Slim and Pro PS4 models, which is a rarity in the case of the latter.

The bundles include the Jet Black version of the console, with 500Gb of memory for the regular PS4 package and 1Tb for the PS4 Pro model. The consoles come with the deluxe edition of the game, which includes the extremely valuable season pass, which grants access to all the post-launch DLC content that Bandai Namco is preparing.

This downloadable content will be released in different batches, with the first one coming in the summer and including a new game mode, and over 50 new costumes. The following batches will include new stages, costumes and what is more interesting, new playable characters taken from previous entries in the series.

For people who already own the console or simply don’t want to spend the money on the deluxe edition of the game, they will be happy to know that these batches of DLC will also be able to purchase individualy, with the benefit of waiting to pick the one with the character they like the most, instead for paying for all.

Tekken 7 is shaping up to be one of the most importan entries in the long-running series, with the story putting an end to the legendary feud of the Mishima family. At the core of the plot will be the returning Heihachi, Kazuya, Jin Kazama, and introducing Kazumi Mishima, Heihachi’s wife, who was murdered by her husband in the years prior the original entry of the series. Street Fighter’s Akuma not only joins the character roster in this entry, but he also play a key role in the story.

Tekken 7 and the PS4 bundles will be released on June 2nd. The game will be available in three different editions including standard, deluxe, and collector’s, and pre-ordering a copy of any of them will give us a new character called Eliza as a bonus.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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