Tekken 7’s Final Boss Has Now Been Revealed

by Damian Seeto

Ahead of the arcade release of Tekken 7, it has now been revealed who the final boss will be.

As reported by EventHubs, the final boss for Tekken 7 is Kazumi Mishima. She is none other than the mother to Kazuya, and the husband to Heihachi.

Kazumi Mishima in Tekken 7 will be a formidable boss in the game. She is said to enter battle with a pet tiger. Not only is this tiger with her, but she can throw it like a projectile. The fight she is in lasts for two rounds and she has two forms. Her first form is where she looks like a normal human. Her second form is when she becomes a sort of demon. She can fly briefly and fire out lasers.

It was believed that Kazumi Mishima died years ago at the hands of Heihachi. This is why Kazuya is angry and he hated his father for killing his mom. The fact that she is the end boss for the game suggests she comes back in some way. She could be the most powerful being in the Tekken franchise to date.

Clearer footage of Kazumi Mishima should surface later this week when Tekken 7 is out in Japanese arcades. Hopefully she isn’t too hard to beat. Some final bosses in fighting games can be really cheap…