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Tekken X Street Fighter Development Has Been Put On Hold

by Mike Guarino


Tekken X Street Fighter fell of the radar a while ago, but now it looks like the game’s eventual release has just been pushed further into the future. Bandai Namco has announced that they have put the game’s development on hold for the time being.

The news was revealed in an interview that Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada did with GameSpot. He said the following:

“When we develop fighting games, we try to keep the core community in mind as well as the wider audience that wants to play these games. But currently the situation is with fighting games, you have Street Fighter V that just released–a lot of people are playing that fervently–and there’s a large crowd out there waiting or Tekken 7.”

He concludes by saying “We don’t want to split these communities, so a good window in which to release Tekken x Street Fighter is something that’s become difficult recently. So it’s on hold for the moment.”

The game was originally announced during San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, though very little information regarding the game has come out since then. Much of the game is already finished, but now it all comes down to finding the right time to put it out there.

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