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Tekken X Street Fighter Roster Has Been Decided Already Says Harada

by Damian Seeto


It’s been ages since anyone has last heard of any news about Tekken X Street Fighter. Apparently, the character roster has been decided already.

The director for the game, Katsuhiro Harada talked about Tekken X Street Fighter’s status to Famitsu. Siliconera translated what he had to say about the elusive game.

First of all, Famitsu asked him if he’d forgotten about the game. After all, it’s literally been years since we’ve heard official news about it.

Harada said that Bandai Namco are actually “pretty far” into the game’s development already.  He also said it’s not true that they’d forgotten about the game.

Famitsu may have been joking, but Harada has been juggling three other games at once. He’s working on Tekken 7, Pokken Tournament and even a game called Summer Lesson for the Project Morpheus.

The biggest news Harada revealed is that Bandai Namco has already decided the character roster for Tekken X Street Fighter. He mentioned this was decided “a long time ago“. The team has finished “polygon models, moves, and systems“.

Bandai Namco are still working on the game, but it’s strange we haven’t seen it in years. The game was originally announced way back at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con event. Five years later, it has yet to make another public appearance.

When do you think Tekken X Street Fighter will come out?

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