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Telltale States Game of Thrones is “On Hold,” Explains Why Tales from the Borderlands Doesn’t Have a Season Two

by Dylan Siegler


Telltale Games has been quite busy lately, from working on three games simultaneously (Guardians of the GalaxyMinecraft: Story Mode – Season Two and Batman: The Enemy Within) to having two highly anticipated games slated for next year (the second season of The Wolf Among Us and the fourth and final season of The Walking Dead) to porting some of their games to the Switch, marking the first time Telltale games are coming to a Nintendo console. Despite all that they are currently working on, fans still hound the company for sequels to other fan-favorite series. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Telltale’s Head of Creative Communications, Job Stauffer, explained why some series are getting sequels and why others aren’t yet.

The interview started with Stauffer explaining that the immediate future for Telltale includes Switch ports and the development of The Walking Dead: The Final Season (working title), which is scheduled to come out in the first half of 2018, and the second season of The Wolf Among Us, to release in the second half of 2018. Stauffer went on to explain that the first season of The Wolf Among Us was meant to be its own self-contained story that wouldn’t have a follow-up game. However, due to great reception from critics and fans alike, as well as great sales numbers, the public outcry for a second season was eventually met.

Next, Stauffer was asked about Telltale’s Game of Thrones game and when the second season to that would be coming out. The Game of Thrones game was released throughout 2014 and 2015 and almost immediately after the finale episode was released, it was announced that the game would eventually get a second season, likely due to the immense cliffhanger the first season ends on. Stauffer, however, stated that their Game of Thrones series is currently on hold. He states that between their three current games, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, Telltale kind of has enough on their plate right now. So the team that would be working on a follow-up to Game of Thrones decided it would be best to use the time to see how the TV show unfolds, since the final season of the show comes out next year, before deciding on a story for the second season of the game.

Stauffer was then questioned about Tales from the Borderlands, another popular Telltale series that fans have been asking for a second season to. Stauffer started off by refuting the recent claim by a former Telltale employee that the game hasn’t gotten a second season due to poor sales. Stauffer states that the game actually sold quite well, just not on the same level as The Walking Dead or Minecraft: Story Mode, along with being critically acclaimed by critics and fans. Instead, he explains that the real reason behind the lack of a second season is that it was already agreed that Gearbox, the original Borderlands developer, would be making the next Borderlands game. Once that game comes out and Telltale can assess where the franchise is at, it’s possible that a new season of Tales from the Borderlands will be in the works.

Stauffer also explained that Telltale is working on a completely original IP, rather than another game based off of an existing franchise, but that this project, which was originally announced in 2015, is also on hold. Stauffer also suggests that fans “stay tuned in the months ahead for news on… other projects.”

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