Angry Birds Movie Trailer

The Angry Birds Movie Trailer Will Take you Back to 2009

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Angry Birds was one of the first huge mobile hits, garnering millions of downloads and propelling developer Rovio to stardom. In the intervening years though the franchise hasn’t quite held its place in the popular culture. Tons of new games have been released, including its first full-blown sequel earlier this year, but the fad seems to have died down, with most players enjoying other mobile titles as of late.

Despite this the movie based on the games is still moving forward, with the first official teaser trailer hitting today. I say “teaser trailer” very loosely as it is actually quite robust, featuring a full run down of the plot and characters, and lasting over two and a half minutes long.

Angry Birds never really had a heavy emphasis on plot, which seems to show in this trailer, with the story meandering about in traditional family film fashion. The main characters are all based around classes of birds from the game, with the red one taking the spotlight. Pigs do show up, but not until well into the trailer, hinting that they might be a background element, or a final act shift.

Really the question remains, how popular are Angry Birds these days? Children are likely still enamored, which could push this film to huge box office success, but it will certainly be lower than if the movie had hit a couple of years ago. Still, Angry Birds 2 has already been installed tens of millions of times, so if even a fraction of that audience sees the movie it should do well.

The Angry Birds Movie Trailer

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