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The Art of Fallout 4 Book Gets New Info Via Amazon Listing

by Damian Seeto


Amazon has now listed the first details for The Art of Fallout 4 artbook.

The Art of Fallout 4 will contain the usual things that are included with art books. There will be concept art and designs that have never been seen before. It will also show images from characters, the environment plus many weapons.

Going alongside the artwork will be commentary from the development team from Bethesda. They will give us an insight on how this game was made and the thought process that went into designing Fallout 4.

It is being published by Dark Horse Books and Amazon is stocking a hardcover version. It is going for a price of $39.99. It has the exact same release date as the game which will be November 10th, 2015.

Sadly, no images were released for The Art of Fallout 4. We still don’t know what the cover will be, or what any of the artwork will look like. Still, this is an artbook that fans of the game should get.

Bethesda did note the new game will look less depressing than Fallout 3. Looking at the debut trailer, people have noticed the environments look brighter and more colorful. We also see brief moments of the world before it gets turned into a nuclear wasteland.

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