The Best Reveals In Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Direct

Nintendo reveals upcoming features in the Animal Crossing New Horizons direct!

by Holly Alice


Nintendo just showed their dedicated Animal Crossing New Horizons direct, and here is a recap of what was revealed! The specific direct was announced in September’s massive Nintendo Direct, and fans have been speculating ever since about what it could bring.

The 20-minute presentation (airing on Brewster’s birthday, no less) was absolutely crammed with information and changes to the game – all releasing on November 5th! Animal Crossing New Horizons is not only adding a cafe, but breathing much-needed new life into every aspect of the game!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2.0

  • Quality of Life Changes
  • Indoor Decorations
  • Outdoor Amenities
  • Player Customization
  • Merchant Marketplace
  • Cooking & Farming

Nintendo really pulled out the stops with this one. The 2.0 update for New Horizons is huge – and has been announced as the last free update for the game. There are quality of life changes bringing updates to indoor decoration, outdoor amenities, and player customisation. Harvey’s island is getting a new area, which will feature a market place for the games’ merchants to set up shop and purvey their wares – this includes Katrina the fortune teller, and Harriet of Shampoodle, and furniture making duo Reese and Cyrus!


Series 5 Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards are Coming Soon

Along with information about Brewster and the new museum upgrade, this Animal Crossing Direct gave fans an update about the fifth series of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. There will be missed NPCs like Wisp the ghost, new staff, and new villagers included within the 48 cards.

Along with Brewster’s delightful cafe, Gyroids are making a comeback. They will be found underground after a rainy day, and this time players can plant ‘fragments’ to reap full size Gyroids the next day!

This leads well into another huge announcement – cooking and farming! Players will be able to plant and cultivate potatoes and sugar cane among many other crops, and turn them into delicious foods with new oven items! This has been a long-rumoured feature dug up by dataminers many months ago.

Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC is coming and it’s a $24.99 Expansion called Happy Home Paradise

There is another friendly face making a triumphant comeback, too: Kapp’n! Bringing his boat back to the island, he will be available at the dock to bring players to mysterious islands in the ocean. These can be at any time or season within the game, so will be a true surprise. This also means players can find those elusive bugs they missed from previous seasons!

The biggest announcement of this Direct, however, was the new expansive DLC coming to the game. Costing $24.99, the expansion brings almost an entire new game – a new version of the missed Happy Home Designer on the 3DS. This will see players fly across to new islands where villager animals will request a specific type of house to be built for them. It also brings many new furniture items and building options!

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch, and the Series 5 Amiibo cards will be available November 5th, 2021!

- This article was updated on October 15th, 2021

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