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Animal Crossing Direct Coming in October, More Content on the Way for New Horizons

Animal Crossing specific direct has been announced for October.

Have we stumbled into Luna’s Dream Suite? Nintendo have announced an Animal Crossing New Horizons direct scheduled for October, focusing just on updates coming to the title.

There is no official date for the direct as of yet, but fans can wait in eager anticipation as some of the updates have already been revealed…

The Animal Crossing-centric direct is sure to hold a lot of upcoming features; Nintendo must have big plans otherwise they would not choose to broadcast an entire presentation for one title. It is assumed that there will be some quality of life updates, as well as seasonal changes for 2021’s festive period.  Ideally, Nintendo would implement changes to things such as being able to hop between Mystery Islands, or allowing multiple items to be crafted at once. Bringing back previous furniture collections, or events; expanding upon the existing encyclopaedia of critters; even adding new island types to visit? Fans have many, many things that they want in the game – whatever Nintendo reveals is sure to be a hit.


Ladies and gentlemen, Nintendo have finally listened – long-awaited NPC Brewster is flying back to Animal Crossing! In a surprise announcement during Nintendo’s recent direct, an update was announced for November, bringing with it the coffee-slinging pigeon himself. The Roost cafe will be added to the museum’s top floor, in a renovation. So far it is not known whether this will cost in-game money or have any requirements.

Along with a surprise direct being announced for October, Nintendo have sneakily revealed something else on the official Animal Crossing Twitter: a fifth series of the beloved Amiibo card packs! Whereas these also do not have a release date (or even a finalised cover and character list), players are already gearing up to expand their set and add more familiar faces to their card collections. Hopefully they will be easier to find than the Sanrio collection!

Since release in 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a solidly popular choice for fans. It has constantly received exciting updates including items, events and returning NPCs. There have also been constant bug fixes and patches to address any issues the players may have faced. These content updates have somewhat left a void with some (especially long-term) fans, so many remain very hopeful about this coming update, and expect it to bring some game changing tweaks or additions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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