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New Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Are Coming Soon, Here’s What We Know

The fifth series of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards is coming soon!
Animal Crossing Series 5 Amiibo Cards

Nintendo has announced that a new series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards will be releasing… soon. More details will be revealed in time but for now, players are assured that a new set of cards is coming!

In Nintendo’s recent Direct that aired on September 23rd, fans were treated to a nice amount of Animal Crossing information. A separate, in-depth presentation is coming just for Animal Crossing New Horizons 2021 updates, and the fifth series of amiibo cards was revealed (along with Brewster’s long-awaited return to the game)!

So far, there is not much information given about the new series of cards. There isn’t even a reveal of what the fifth series pack will look like, much less who will be in it. It can be assumed that it will feature the new villagers added to New Horizons, as well as the new NPCs like Flick and the Dodo brothers – Wilbur and Orville. There is likely to be a new version of Tom Nook and Isabelle included in the designs to go along with previous iterations wearing different outfits or in different poses. The packs will be the same size as previous ones – containing five villager cards, and a ‘special’ NPC character card in each booster pack.

So far there have been four series of amiibo cards, spanning all characters from the games so far (up until New Horizons’ release). Since day one, fans have been eagerly awaiting an updated set. There will most likely be a new album available with this series of cards too – like previous releases. The fifth set of cards may also herald the coming of more physical Animal Crossing amiibo figures, to include more pivotal characters other than the already released sixteen figures.

So far there are 400 cards in previous series packs, along with 50 RV-specific character cards to be used with Animal Crossing New Leaf.  The amiibo cards do serve a purpose other than satiating collectors’ whims: they can be scanned into the game to either get a poster featuring the character or to get the villager to arrive at the islands’ campsite (so they can be invited to move in). In the case of the Sanrio cards, the villagers also bring a set of themed furniture! These new cards are likely to be very popular – judging by the reaction to the re-release of Sanrio collaboration cards in mid-2021. When players are given a release date, they are sure to set alarms and keep their eyes peeled on stockists’ websites!

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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