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The Crew 2 Expands Into all Motorsports

by William Schwartz


The Crew 2 was revealed a few weeks back, but nothing about the game had been revealed.  Today at Ubisoft’s Press Conference, The Crew 2 was revealed to be a game that encompasses all motorsports.  A trailer that included off-road racing, boats, planes, and of course automobile racing was revealed that included numerous locales across the United States.

An open world game like its predecessor, The Crew 2 will allow players to drive any motorsport — including speed boats, dune buggies, dirt bikes, stunt planes, super cars, and others. The map in the trailer showcased real world landmarks like The Golden Gate Bridge, The Empire State Building, The Staue of Liberty and others.

The Crew 2 is coming from Ivory Tower Studios and is slated for release in Early 2018. During the reveal a beta was announced, interested parties can sign-up here for an early look at the game.

The Crew 2 Cinematic Trailer

The Crew 2 Gameplay Trailer

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