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The Dragon In Scalebound Can Be Used Many Times, Although Has Limits

by Damian Seeto


One of the coolest things about Scalebound is that you can use the dragon (Thuban) to kill your enemies for you. How frequently can you use him though?

As seen in the Gamescom 2015 gameplay trailer, Scalebound allows you to order around Thuban to kill enemies for you. AusGamers interviewed the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, to know how they balanced to game mechanic to avoid players overusing the dragn.

Kamiya explains that Thuban is a very powerful AI companion and “there’s no restriction on how many times” you can use him. However, he will have his limits like any living thing has so you have to decide when it’s time to give him a rest.

Kamiya said that Thuban the dragon will wear downs and sometimes damage he can himself for being too aggressive. Players will have to decide to hold him back at times so that he is ready to go for a final attack instead.

You also risk the chance of collecting gems if you use him too many times too. Gems are the game’s currency to allow you to upgrade Thuban or get some new equipment. In other words, you still have to fight yourself and you cannot let Thuban do all the work for you…

He also said that Thuban is an AI ally so you cannot control him, but you can give him commands. It was also revealed recently you can ride on him as well, although not at the very beginning of the game.

Scalebound is due for release in 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One console. The game is being developed by PlatinumGames.

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