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The Gran Turismo Series Makes its PS4 Debut with GT Sport

by Kyle Hanson


The Gran Turismo seris is finally making its PS4 debut with the newly announced Gran Turismo Sport. Not really the Gran Turismo 7 that fans having been waiting for, instead the team is changing things up for this new entry. Gran Turismo Sport introduces new elements like concurrently running championships, alongside the usual graphical upgrade we’ve come to expect.

Those graphics look quite impressive, as players have come to expect from the venerable series. Cars look incredibly realistic, featuring beautiful lighting effects and fantastic car models. We just got a few peaks at the game with this trailer, but expect a bigger and better rundown as the game gets closer to release.

Two tournaments, one for your home country and another for a specific car manufacturer, will be playable, with players representing their native country or preferred brand. These tournaments will run alongside real life tournaments, giving players rewards at the same time the actual tournament concludes. Polyphonic Digital has team with FIA, the hosts of the real life FIA World Touring Car Championship, which the in-game tournament will mirror.

Gran Turismo Sport will begin beta testing early 2016, which hints at a release later that same year or early 2017.

Gran Turismo Sport Trailer

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