The Internet is in a Frenzy Due to the Death Stranding Teases

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Over the past couple of days, Hideo Kojima and his production company have been releasing teaser videos on their upcoming video game Death Stranding. What started out as a cryptic message from Kojima immediately escalated to a reveal event which is planned for tomorrow, May 29. This has been amplified even more thanks to PlayStation’s official Twitch channel randomly going live with the same ominous hand symbols printed on the screen with the tagline “Tomorrow is in your Hands.”

Kojima followed suit with yet another 30 second teaser stating the same thing, causing everyone on the internet lose their minds. These emotion’s have integrated their way into the gaming community as Death Stranding has been one of the most mysterious and sought after titles in history. Kojima is famous for inducing the fans minds with all sorts of synapse triggering states where your brain alters it’s way of thinking just on watching a sequence of events that he has made. This however, is on a whole different scale since we might actually be getting the news we’ve been waiting on for nearly three years.

Its possible that Kojima and company are nearly done with their pet project, which would necessitate the surprise announcement for May 29. Despite all of the wild and insane trailers, messages, and Kojima being Kojima situations, this could possibly be where we actually get some concrete information on the title. Even if this long stream that PlayStation has started up ends up with just a launch date, the wait will have been worth it. The man knows what he’s doing, he’s been messing with us for well over 25 years in the Metal Gear series. He’s built up quite a manic situation with all of this, and hopefully he delivers to us what we’ve been wanting for so long on tomorrows reveal.

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