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The Mad Max Post-Apocalypse Edition Includes Fury Road And More

by Damian Seeto


EB Games has just announced a Mad Max Post-Apocalypse Edition that comes with a lot of goodies for any fans of the series to salivate for.

EB Games Australia just revealed it over on its Twitter page. The listing for the game is also available over in the New Zealand website for the retailer as well. It’s an EB Exclusive and is available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Mad Max Post-Apocalypse Edition costs $129.95AUD and $159.95NZD. There are a lot of cool things added here including the Blu-ray for the critically acclaimed Fury Road movie and more.

The Post-Apocalypse Edition includes: Collector’s Box, Mad Max Game, Ripper DLC, Mini License Plate, Exclusive Steelbook and Mad Max Fury Road Blu-ray

Preorder now and get the Ripper – An additional fully upgradeable Magnum Opus Car body.

Bear in mind, the video game does not have any relation to the Fury Road movie itself. You won’t see Furiosa or any other characters from the movie. Even Max himself does not bear the Tom Hardy likeness either.

That’s not the say the new Mad Max game won’t be bad-ass. It’s still set in the Wasteland and a lot of vehicular and melee combat is promised. Not to mention the Wasteland is open-world so you can drive for a very long time if you want to.

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