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The Next Elden Ring Trailer is Leaking All Across the Web

There's no containing this leak at this rate.

by Brandon Adams


It appears Bandai Namco may be gearing up to reveal more of Elden Ring soon, since the latest trailer for the game has seemingly been leaked. While sort on details, it appears to be our first glimpse of actual gameplay.

The Elden Ring trailer has leaked, and it’s everywhere.

Earlier today leaked clips of the Elden Ring trailer started to appear online via Twitter, and they have since begun to make their way on to YouTube as well. In the footage we can (barely) make out what appears to be actual in-game footage of From Software’s much anticipated next title, to include narration.

Despite the grainy capture, this is the most we’ve seen of Elden Ring since its reveal in 2019, so it’s no wonder the leaked trailer is spreading into every corner of the web as fans share it. Videos of the leaked Elden Ring trailer will likely start coming down later today as Bandai Namco tries to plug the flood, but I have no doubt reuploads will appear almost instantaneously.

As for the trailer itself, Elden Ring looks to be a mix of Dark Souls’ aesthetic with Sekiro’s stealth thrown in, and there are mountable horses for good measure. An intrigued narrator does comment on events, stating, “I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring. I suppose you can’t be talked into turning back. Very well then!”

There are giant monsters aplenty, many a dodge roll, and even a few deaths in the leaked trailer, as is tradition in a From Software title. Various reporters, such as Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and GameBeats Jeff Grubb have stated recently that an update from Bandai Namco is coming soon, but we’ll have to wait and see how that rumor pans out.

In the meantime you can watch the leaked trailer (part 1 and 2) above for yourself (assuming it’s still up by the time you read this article). You can watch the official announcement trailer from 2019 below, if you need the refresher (it has been over two years after all).

Elden Ring currently has no release date, and it’s speculated to be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. We’ll hopefully know more soon.

- This article was updated on:March 1st, 2021

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