The Occupation Launches Tomorrow

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The Occupation, created by White Paper Games, is a political thriller of a video game. You play as an investigative Journalist trying to crack a story about something happening within the British Government. The entire game takes place in a fairly small map, The Government building. You have a schedule of interviews you must keep, but other than that you’re free to wander around, looking for anything that might help your story. The information you learn in the interviews, and clues you stumble upon in parts of the government building you aren’t supposed to be in, don’t line up.

The goal of The Occupation is to get to the truth, by any means necessary, and the kicker is there’s a time mechanic. Everyone in the game keeps to a schedule. Every minute in game corresponds to a actual real-world minute.  Your only real obligation are the interviews. You have to go those at the correct time, other than that, the game gives you the setting and the objective and how you interact with and accomplish both is up to you. All within the confines of a few hours.

The game seems like it will require multiple play through to experience everything. Especially with the time mechanic, certain things or access to different pieces of information might be happening at the same time, so if you playing the game multiple times will allow you to follow multiple threads of information to get a clearer picture of the overall story. The whole game is like one big timed puzzle that can be solved multiple ways. While each session of the game only lasts a few hours, the real length of the game comes from replaying it. The Occupation can be as long as you’d like depending on how interested you are in the story.

The Occupation Lauches tomorrow on March 5th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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