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The Order: 1886 Is Already Discounted Quite A Bit At Best Buy

by Dean James


The Order: 1886 was Sony’s the big first-party game for the first two months of 2015 that had much hype going into it. While the quality of the game itself was fairly well received, the incredibly short length made it a hard sell for many gamers. The game may have only released exactly one month ago today, but Best Buy has an excellent sale for the game already that might entice many gamers who are on the fence about it.

As of right now, you can get The Order: 1886 at Best Buy for only $39.99. Technically, this may not ring up right away in stores as it show up on the website, but you can easily price match it if that is the case. Even better, those who are Gamer’s Club Unlocked members can get the game for only $31.99 after the 20% off. With the recent price drop to $30 for GCU, this could be a great opportunity to purchase a membership and use it to get a great sale on a very recent game.

The price of a game this recent dropping will have some worried, especially with it being beaten out in the February NPDs by games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse that released a few days later, though it was multi-platform. However, The Order: 1886 is just the type of game that a sale like this can really help, with the short length making many not want to pay a full $59.99.

There is no indication on how long this sale will last for The Order: 1886, so make sure to order online or stop by your local Best Buy very soon if you want to take advantage of this sale.

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