The Outer Worlds Lands on Nintendo Switch in June

Intrepid explorers needed!

by Brandon Adams
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Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds had a strong launch last October, but the Nintendo Switch port was still lost in space somewhere. Eventually we were given a March 6th, 2020 release date, but due to COVID-19 concerns the port was pushed back indefinitely. That changed earlier today when The Outer Worlds’ official Twitter dropped the new release date, and prospective portable fans will only need to wait a couple more months to tour the Halcyon system.

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The Outer Worlds lands on Nintendo Switch June 5th.

Barring any further calamities, The Outer Worlds will arrive on the Nintendo Switch June 5th, and the official Twitter account confirmed the game can be bought both digitally and physically (though we’ve since learned the “physical” copy is really just the box). The port will contain the full game, with nothing cut to make The Outer Worlds more Switch friendly.

When asked about DLC in the replies to the release date announcement tweet, the official The Outer Worlds account had nothing new to share, which makes sense considering they are just now getting this port over the line. If coronavirus delayed the Nintendo Switch port it’s safe to assume it also pushed the planned DLC back. Either way, Nintendo fans don’t have to wait too long, and with all the games on the horizon that may be for the best. Too many games; not enough time.

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