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Three Series Veterans And One Newcomer Announced For SoulCalibur VI

by Jelani James


Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the upcoming SoulCalibur 6, revealing four more characters — three series veterans and one newcomer — that will be joining the game’s roster.

Nightmare, Kilik and Xianghua join Sophitia and Mitsurugi as returning characters, all apparently sporting a similar playstyle like they did in the past. Nightmare still carries his massive sword, relying on heavy attacks and brute force to overwhelm his opponents, Kilik uses his staff to launch a variety of attacks from short and long range, and Xianghua uses a combination of graceful sword strikes, kicks and tricky movements to outmaneuver opponents and claim victory.

Of course, thanks to the introduction of new mechanics in SoulCalibur 6, like super attacks, all three returning characters get one such move to turn the tide of battle.

Nightmare hops onboard a ghostly horse to charge at and cleave the opponent, Kilik launches an opponent into the air before stabbing them multiple times with his staff and Xianghua similarly sends opponents into the air, but jumps after them and proceeds to slice them a few times before launching a few attacks from the ground, ending the whole affair with one final slash.

Meanwhile, SoulCalibur 6’s newcomer, named Groh, uses a long dual blade which can separate into two smaller ones. From the looks of the trailer, he’s a fairly quick character who is capable of transitioning between his two weapon forms based on the situation or opponent he’s fighting. We also see that he can enter a powered-up state where his hair changes color and eyepatch becomes removed in order to gain various benefits.

Like everyone else, Groh also has a super move. For his attack, he hurls his weapon at the opponent and proceeds to teleport behind them to catch it, unleashing a variety of slashes and one final stab attack on his victim once he does.

SoulCalibur 6 is due out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Check out the trailer below (be sure to watch the whole thing!):

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