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Titanfall will feature multiple classes of mechs and progression system


Titanfall’s E3 reveal was impressive to say the least.  Respawn Entertainment unveiled their next-generation shooter as one that is doing something completely different than that what we currently find in shooters today.  It’s a game that got people taking at E3 2013, and impressed us when we saw in-person for the first time.

Most impressive was the way that the game used both foot soldiers and mechs to give players a more dynamic brand of combat, but new details coming from Abbie Heppe, the Community Manager for Titanfall, explain that customization will also play a big role in the game.

Unfortunately, Heppe didn’t have details to share about the progression system in an interview with MK Gaming, but acknowledged that these systems were being worked on.  She also hinted at the other types of mechs than the ones we saw during the E3 demo.  But again, she didn’t have much to share about these mech classes.  “There are other playable characters and Titans in the game,” said Heppe.  “But we aren’t showing those yet.”

The details are still very much unclear at this point, but back at E3 it was revealed that the Titan drops are set to a timer.  Depending on the actions and performance of a player, these timed drops can be sped up.  We’ll have to wait and see whether these customizations are set to player performance during the game, or whether it works similar to other games that let you choose these bonuses with some sort of player loadout.

Titanfall is slated to arrive in 2014 for the Xbox One.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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