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Titanfall could be an instant sales blockbuster

by William Schwartz


Titanfall has seen its fair share of praise since last year’s announcement. For shooter fans, it’s the next big thing. And while the game’s recently come into controversy with its player count announcement, many are still very excited about the game’s prospects…EA stockholders included.

Analysts believe that Titanfall will be an instant sales blockbuster, and a boon for Electronic Arts and Microsoft. So just how much will Titanfall sell? Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter believes that the game will sell between 6-10 million copies.

“My best guess is 6-10 million units, depending upon the game review scores. If it gets above a 90, it will likely be at the high end of that range, below an 80, at the low end.”

Previews of the game have been extremely positive, and its hard to see many outlets scoring Respawn’s new game under an 80. We’ve seen massive flops in the past, but that would be a huge change in sentiment. 10 million copies of Titanfall across the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will put this new franchise in a great position to kick off a new generation of consoles.

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