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Total War Rome 2 Cities

by William Schwartz


Creative Assembly has unveiled brand new screens focusing on the cities you will find in Total War Rome 2. Unlike it’s predecessor, cities (or at least the major ones) will really look different from each other and have their own relatively (gameplay friendly) historically correct designs. Just the above image is what Rome will look like and there are similar screens for Carthage, Babylon, Alexandria (below) and Athens.


These are just what the battle maps will look like. That’s right, you will actually be fighting full fledged siege battles in these beautiful cities as you try to add them to your empire, or raze and flatten them to spite your enemies.

It isn’t just in battles that cities will look different in Total War Rome 2. Cities on the campaign map will be dynamic and grow as you play the campaign (under the assumptions that the city population gets bigger and bigger with more buildings), a bit like this:


Even on the campaign map, the cities look pretty brilliant. Total War Rome 2 is set for release on PC in September 3rd. For more information on Total War Rome 2, look no further than our guide to everything for Total War Rome 2.

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