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Total War Rome 2 Multiplayer & Free DLC

by William Schwartz


It’s Gamescom and a lot of new information about video games has come out. Creative Assembly are no slouches and have released even more information about their upcoming game: Total War Rome 2. Feel free to catch up on the things you’ve missed about this game in our extensive guide to everything you need to know about it.

Prepare to add a new word to your dictionaries as Creative Assembly will have Free-LCs. Full details on what these will entail are scarce, but what we do know is that the factions Pontus and the Seleucids will eventually come as free updates for people who buy the game. Add the fact that you can also play as 3 different Greek City states if you pre-ordered the game and you will have quite a lot of factions to play around with.

Looking at the historical trends, DLCs won’t necessarily only be new factions, but can be new units as well (perhaps bundled together with new factions) and with the new ability to kit out your troops aesthetically, some packs for armor and equipment will surely follow.

Creative Assembly has also released a new Let’s Play that is highly informative about how multiplayer will work. There will be the tried and true custom games that people are used to from Total Wars of old that support up to 4 vs 4 battles with 9 different battle types to choose from such as city sieges, coastal battles and naval. Interesting things about these battles is that you will be able to choose the battle map by clicking on a fully interactive campaign map which will bring up the battle map from that specific point.


Creative Assembly also seems to be keen to introduce a competitive multiplayer aspect to Total War Rome 2 with a thing called quick match which will automatically match you with an opponent with a similar ELO and a ladder system. These will only be land battles though, for the sake of balance and they also appear to be playable with up to 4 players.

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