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Total War: Warhammer Dwarf Hero now available for Everyone

by Joshua Evans


When the Dwarf starting hero Grombrindal first got released in October, you had to grab a code from a Ultimate Warhammer magazine in order to use him in both the campaign and in custom battles. It seems now that it was just a temporary head start over those of us who could not, or would not, get the magazine, because now Grombrindal is free for everyone who downloads him off the Steam store. The store page even has a trailer for those who want to know more about this magnificent bearded individual. Or hear different theories as to who he is, as in universe no one really knows much about him. Including how he maintains that mustache.

If the fact that Grombrindal is now free to nab from the store, his play style should convince you that he is worth grabbing. Grombrindal’s whole shtick is deciding which part of his legend he is going to act the part of, granting him different bonuses you can swap between periodically. This allows you to adjust Grombrindal to suit whatever is needed in your campaign at the time. The only downside to this really neat ability is that… well there is not one. Basically you are choosing how you are going to win until it asks you if you want to swap later on down the road. His legends could probably use some downsides to their bonuses in order to make switching between them a more important choice. Still a fun system. Off the campaign map, Grombrindal is a good middle ground between the heavily armored Thorgrim and the high damage Ungrim (lot of names with “Grim” in them), with the addition of an axe that reduces enemy morale.

In all honesty his hilarious mustache makes him worth a download, especially as he is free. You can read Attack of the Fanboy’s Total War: Warhammer review via this fancy link.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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