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Tree of Savior, Spiritual Successor to Ragnarok Online, Enters Beta Next Month

by William Schwartz


It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything of substance about delightful-looking Ragnarok Online wannabe Tree of Savior. If you’re fluent in Korean or familiar enough with MMOs to wing it, there’s preview material available. That aside, though, nothing above the surface has been happening with the English language release of Tree of Savior.

Until now.

imcGAMES has announced through Steam and on their official Tree of Savior website that they will be hosting a closed beta for a week in August. Running from the 4th of August until the wee hours of the 10th of August, the beta will ‘focus on the basic environment and overall infrastructure inspection for Tree of Savior’s service through STEAM platform.’ At this is relatively early days for Tree of Savior, imcGAMES plans on running it a closed beta. Five thousand participants will be randomly chosen from countries whose primary language is English.

In order to register your interest, you’ll need to log in to the Tree of Savior website using either Facebook or Google+ (a Steam option is there, but clicking it prompts a “coming soon!” dialog box) by July 31st. If chosen, a beta key will be sent to you via email and is also viewable from the upcoming MMORPG’s official website.

The language barrier has not stopped a number of English fansites from popping up, including Tree of Savior Game, which boasts 60,000 unique visitors per month — perhaps due in part to their confusing similar URL. If you miss out on the beta, there’s a robust wiki available to help you get started with the Korean version of the game.

As Tree of Savior is still very much in beta, there’s no clear indication of a release date or timeframe. As the English beta follows hot on the heels of a third Korean closed beta, it’s likely we’ll know much more by this time next month. If this subtitled Korean beta trailer is anything to go by, though, it’ll be well worth the wait.

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