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Tropico 6 Announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

by Jose Belmonte


Kalypso media has released a teaser for Tropico 6. This new chapter in the strategy series would come three years after the original release of Tropico 5 on PC, and this time it be released in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The teaser functions as an announcement without actually showing any gameplay footage of the game. It consists on a CGI scene with the classic stereotype of a mandatary of the region having a drink on his desk while listening to the radio. In a modern twist, the character picks up his smartphone, opens a parody version of Twitter called ‘Spitter,’ and posts the message “Time to get back into the game…” His Twitter account, @realElPrez, exists in real life, and since it was created days before Kalypso posted the video, it’s probably handled by the marketing team of the game.

Tropico 5 had a somewhat mixed reaction from some of the fans, who considered it an inferior entry to the fourth game. We’ll see if Tropico 6 is able to correct the course.

Considering the timing and the nature of this teaser, we would expect to receive the first gameplay images and general information of the game at some point during the upcoming E3. For now, watch the ‘Rule Again’ teaser below.

Rule Again – 2018 (US)

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