Twitch MasterChef Streams Come to an End as HasanAbi Gets DMCA Takedown

Top tier streamers on Twitch platform getting in trouble on the platform.

by Brendan Bell


Twitch streamer HasanAbi won’t be streaming MasterChef anytime soon as he has received a copyright takedown notice from Fox, the copyright holder of MasterChef. On Saturday, HasanAbi tweeted out a picture of Fox’s copyright takedown notice while also tweeting, “THE MASTERCHEF META IS OVER.” This happened after he received the notice while streaming.

HasanAbi is known for streaming YouTube but like other twitch streamers, he had started to stream MasterChef for his audience. Recently, Twitch streamers have been regularly streaming copyrighted tv shows. AriaSaki and xQc are two streamers who hopped on the Master Chef bandwagon. This trend has been pretty controversial especially since popular streamer Sodapoppin spoke out against it by mentioning how it wasn’t fair for these streamers to just stream a tv show for content while other content creators had to work harder to get viewers. He also wanted these streamers to receive DMCA takedowns for watching these shows on their streams.

Twitch’s Head of Creator Development Marcus Graham, also known as djWhEAT, responded to the trend by saying, “It’s absolutely not ok.” Gordon Ramsay, the host of MasterChef and Next Level Chef, posted a tweet promoting a new episode of Next Level Chef that also referenced the MasterChef drama. “See you next week ! And if you missed tonight you can stream it on Twitc—seriously !?!? It’s on FOXNOW or @hulu soon Gx”

Once Gordon Ramsay made this tweet, people began to worry that soon Fox would begin to issue DMCA takedowns against streamers watching MasterChef on their streams. These people were right as HasanAbi received his DMCA takedown. It’s unknown if other MasterChef streamers will also receive takedown notices but xQc is apparently trying to work out a deal with the show. He said on stream that “my people are talking to their people.” He also mentioned that he didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

While this was going on, Pokimane was banned from Twitch for streaming episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. While streaming the show, she was banned live, causing the stream to suddenly stop. Fortunately for her, this was only a temporary ban. In response to Pokimane’s ban, HasanAbi urged people to be cautious of the content that they watch on their steams and to “stop snitching.” Going forward, twitch streamers are going to have to be extra careful with the content they put on their streams if they don’t own it. In the past, many streamers have faced DMCA strikes over music. These strikes may get even worse if this trend of watching tv shows continues.

For fans of these streamers, these DMCA strikes are robbing them of content that they enjoy. There are tons of tweets and Reddit posts from people who enjoy watching these shows in a chat room with other people. This is a natural feeling as people tend to enjoy doing things as a group. Only time will tell how strict these copyright holders are in regards to these “TV Meta” Twitch streams.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2022

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