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Two New Street Fighter 5 Characters Revealed

by Damian Seeto


A German magazine has revealed two new characters that will be in the Street Fighter 5 character roster.

German magazine, Computer Bild,  posted a preview of Street Fighter 5. DualPixels translated the text and it reveals that Cammy and Birdie will be joining the roster.

Computer Bild also had a little description on how Cammy and Birdie play like in Street Fighter 5. They say Cammy is still fast and agile from melee attacks. As for Birdie, he is described to be chunky, yet powerful.

Birdie is also described to be very slow in Street Fighter 5, but he makes up for his lack of speed using his iron chain that has good range. The magazine says Birdie feels too overpowered at this stage and they are begging for Capcom to balance him.

It’s no surprise that Cammy will be in Street Fighter 5. She has always been the second favorite female of the franchise behind Chun-Li. It is interesting to see Birdie in the game as he has not appeared since Street Fighter Alpha 3.

It looks like Street Fighter 5 will be adding some characters from Street Fighter Alpha. Charlie Nash is also a character from the Alpha series. It’s likely the new characters will be revealed in full next week during E3.

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