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Ubisoft Montreal Director and Script Writer Corey May Leaves for Certain Affinity

by William Schwartz


Long time Director of Ubisoft Montreal as well as Script Writer, Corey May, has left Ubisoft for Certain Affinity, the developer who has worked on franchises such as Halo and  Call of Duty. After 10 years of service, May felt it was the right time to move on, entering the company as they, “enter an ambitious new phase”.

Mr. May during his stay at Ubisoft oversaw direction for several narratives, including the original Assassin’s Creed and its following sequels, and Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. Certain Affinity is in the middle of hiring developers in several key positions as they gear up to become a major studio, with jobs available ranging from senior graphics programmer to marketing director., heard the following statement regarding The company’s new direction in a statement:

“This is the first of several new key leadership positions as we evolve from helping others with AAA development to developing entire games on our own. While multiplayer will continue to be an important part of our DNA and our project portfolio, we’re also intent on becoming experts at single-player and cooperative experiences. Best-in-class talent like Corey building and leading our Narrative Department is a huge leap in this direction, and his experience and perspective will be tremendous assets to us.”

Certain Affinity has proven itself to be a competent studio, and I’m curious to see how adding new talent will paved the way to new IP’s in the future.

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