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Umbra Gameplay Mechanics Revealed In New Teaser Trailer

by William Schwartz


SolarFall Games have released a gameplay mechanics video for their action RPG Umbra, which they are proud to point out is powered by Cry Engine 3.

Umbra will feature randomly generated dungeons in a “huge” open world. The video gives gamers a taste of what to expect from the final game, with the game recently launching on the crowd funding website Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign is live and has just hit $99,000 out of the base funding goal of $225,000. With 27 days to go, ending on June 14th at 9:00 PM BST, hitting this base funding goal seems highly probable.

Umbra will have the standard singleplayer and co-op modes but is also looking to have a Players vs Players vs AI competitive multiplayer mode. This will see two teams of players competing to finish an object first and offers something a bit different from the standard co-op or multiplayer experiences seen in other action RPGs.

Alongside the release of the below video, SolarFall Games released the following statement about Umbra:

“The game features a unique mechanic called Apocalyptic Form that allows players to shape shift into a highly customized character! You’re free to mold your character thanks to a deep and rich customization system. And thanks to our complex crafting mini-game and our housing module you will be able to make your adventure feel as YOUR adventure!”

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