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Uncharted 4: Naughty Dog aiming for new standard in resolution and frame rate on PS4


Naughty Dog has become the premiere developer on the PlayStation home consoles in recent years. Introducing two new beloved franchises to PlayStation fans during the PS3 generation, Naughty Dog managed to wow players with both great story telling, and great graphics.

With the arrival of the PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog is once again in a position to impress. The Last of Us Remastered is on its way to the platform, and on PS4 players are going to get a taste of 1080p 60fps gameplay for one of 2013’s best games. Though a recent interview with Eurogamer suggests that Naughty Dog is making this the new standard for their games going forward, namely with Uncharted 4.

According to Arne Meyer of ND, “I think that’s what we want to push for with anything we’re doing on this generation,” he explained when speaking about 1080p 60fps standards. “We hit it with The Last of Us Remastered, so why not stick with this?,” he asks when talking about Uncharted 4.

A franchise that made a name for itself with impressive cinematics and in-game graphics, Naughty Dog isn’t counting out the possibilities of the Uncharted series seeing reboots similar to The Last of Us. “It’d be nice to give players the opportunity to go back and play the older games, and people who are new to the PlayStation platform. I think that’d be great — but I have no idea how that could fall into our timeline.”

Obviously, the best spot for a re-release of older Uncharted games would be ahead of Uncharted 4. From Meyer’s comments it doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen, or on the cards, but 1080p and 60fps for Uncharted 4 sounds like a near certainty.

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