Undertale Coming to Switch Worldwide in September, Pre-Orders Available

Hardcore fans can start pre-ordering Collector's Editions.

by Dylan Siegler
Undertale Switch Collector's Edition

Not long ago, it was revealed that 2015’s cult classic Undertale would be coming to the Switch in Japan first, becoming available in the country on September 15. But now we’ve learned that fans in other regions won’t have to wait much longer to play the game on Nintendo’s hybrid console either.

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Developer Toby Fox recently announced on Twitter that Undertale will become available for the Switch in all regions in September. Specific release dates for each region, however, are still unknown. Fans will be able to download a digital version of the game upon launch, but in the meantime, pre-orders for physical copies have just opened up. Along with a standard physical copy of the Switch version of the game, the Switch Collector’s Edition is also available for pre-order.

The Switch Collector’s Edition of Undertale mostly contains the same contents as the PC, PS4, and PS Vita Collector’s Editions. The Switch Collector’s Edition includes a physical copy of the game, a story booklet by game artist Temmie Chang, a sheet music booklet featuring six songs from the game’s soundtrack along with notes by Toby Fox, a gold-plated music box locket that resembles the Heart Locket item from the game, a Collector’s Edition soundtrack that features several bonus tracks, and a Collector’s Box to keep it all in. The Switch Collector’s Edition also includes a Switch slipcase for the Collector’s Box.

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