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Until You Fall Teaser Trailer Shows Astounding Melee Combat

Melee and magic combine to make a beautiful VR title.

by Alex Levine


It’s been a while since we heard anything about the VR game Until You FallSchell Games has officially revealed some gameplay, albiet very briefly in a teaser trailer. Still, if the game mechanics and art style are any indication, we’re in for a beautiful and stunning combat title.

Introduced to us back in February, the company has touted Until You Fall as a melee style combat game with “magic infused” weapons and spells. Players will master their own combat styles as they encounter enemies such as humans, monsters, and other various threats to give you a headache, literally. As a Rougelike title, their will be plenty of progression as well as some RPG elements to further your abilities.

Schell Games is also well known for creating another excellent VR title, I Expect You to Die. The puzzle simulator was a hit, and many praised the escape room aspect of the game which has you trying to figure a way out of tough situations before time runs out. The company already has an impressive track record for the platform, but only time will tell if Until You Fall is another stalwart for the VR genre.

Until You Fall is scheduled to launch this year for an unspecified VR platform. You can check out the teaser trailer here:

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