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Valheim Has Sold One Million in its First Week

The successful survival title passes one million vikings.

by Shawn Robinson


Since the launch of Valheim on February 2, it’s been nothing but a string of good fortune for developer Iron Gate AB. The survival-focused exploration title isn’t the prettiest, but it is by far one of the best survival exploration titles available on the market right now. In fact, it could be argued as the best title since The Forest’s release. As a continuation of this string of good luck, Iron Gate AB is proud to announce that Valheim has officially sold one million units after one week of launch.


As a developer such as themselves, that’s no small feat. Not including any sort of cuts taken from Steam, the publisher, and so forth, that’s about $20 million out of one week of Early Access. This can only spell good things for the future of the title, all of which being clearly deserved. In the time since launch, 17,000 of those purchasers have written a review, and a staggering 96% of those have been positive reviews. That’s not to mention that many of those reviewers have already played tens (and in some cases hundreds) of hours. It’s clear that Valheim is a game that focuses equally on both enjoyable content and the sheer amount of it.

Speaking on the future of Valheim, the developer had this to say:

Our inboxes are filled to the brims with fantastic feedback and suggestions and we are overjoyed to see how engaged our community is in Valheim’s development. We are currently hard at work addressing issues some of our players have reported to maximize the game experience for more vikings!”

And it’ll be exciting to see how that all pans out going forward. For now though, what are your thoughts on Valheim, does it seem like a survival title you’d be interested in? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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