Valorant Update 6.0 Introduces New Map

Valorant players will have to start testing new lineups, jump spots and more.

by Carlos Hurtado

Valorant is one of the most played competitive shooters in recent years, and thousands of fans are still invested in the First Person Shooter developed by Riot Games. Throughout the years, Riot Games has released many updates adding agents to its roster, balancing weapons, and adding new maps. In Valorant Update 6.0, the developers decided to introduce a new map, adding a new challenge for players who like to learn every lineup and jump spot in the game.

On January 10, Riot Games released Valorant Update 6.0, which came with many changes and bug fixes to the game. One new addition to the game will excite veterans of the competitive title competing with other titles like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Apex Legends. According to Valorant Update 6.0, the game received a new map. Lotus is the new three-site map only available in Swiftplay for one week, adding it to Unrated and Ranked mode in Valorant’s Update 6.1.

According to the Valorant Update 6.0 patch notes, Lotus has three bomb sites and more than one secret that wanders around the ancient walls and corridors of this mysterious and old map. Besides this new map addition, Valorant Update 6.0 made some changes and tweaks to Split, changing some fundamental parts of the map that will change how players go into the different sites and interact with the map.

Besides these tweaks, Breeze and Bind were completely removed from the ranked and unrated game modes, but players can still experience them in other game modes. Omen also received an interesting tweak. Now, if Dark Cover is placed inside walls, it will fall to the height of the nearby ground.

Besides the tweaks in additions, Riot Games made many bug fixes regarding cosmetic items, agents, and maps. Riot Games brought a lot into the game with Valorant Update 6.0, improving the gameplay experience and giving players another reason to come back into the game for more fun.

Valorant fans will have to wait until Update 6.1 to enjoy Lotus, so they can only hope the update will release soon. In a competitive shooter like Valorant, a new map means lineups, new agent combinations, jump spots, and more.

Valorant is available now on PC. For more information about the game, go to the official Valorant Twitter page.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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