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Valve will work with Oculus to bring VR to Steam

by William Schwartz


Valve will work with Oculus VR to bring virtual reality to Steam.  While Valve says that its got its own VR tech in the oven in-house, it will not be looking to bring a virtual reality hardware product to market.

Valve says that the Crystal Cove demo that Oculus VR has been showing since CES is a “big step in the right direction,” but the company believes there are some hurdles to still climb.  An outline of the Virtual Reality conversation currently going on during Steam DevDays has been compiled at steamdb, where a number of slides from the presentation have been produced by attendees.

VR afficianados are going to have wait a little while longer for a finished product though.  “A great VR system at a consumer price in 2015 is primed to happen,” according to the discussion.  VR is looking to blossom in 2015, or shortly thereafter.

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