Vanguard Zombies Main Quest Easter Egg Won’t Launch Until Season One

Vanguard Zombies Main Quest Easter Egg is not coming at launch.

by Shubhendu Vatsa

Activision and Treyarch confirm that Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies is launching without the main quest. With Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies, Treyarch added the Dark Aether storyline, which the upcoming Vanguard Zombies will further continue and explore. But it looks like the players will have to do some waiting in order to play the Vanguard Zombies main questline.

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Treyarch confirmed the news via a long blog post, providing crucial bits of information about Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies. Post-launch players will be able to continue with the next chapter of the Dark Aether storyline titled “Der Anfang,” but as Treyarch reveals Der Anfang’s main quest, easter egg won’t be available until after Vanguard Season 1 starts. This is not very reassuring for the community that was eagerly waiting for the arrival of Vanguard Zombies. Easter egg hunting has been the primary focal point among many players and this delay could be a setback to a considerable portion of the Zombies community.

COD Vanguard Zombies Reveal Video

However, Treyarch did leave players with some exciting bits of information about the main quest in Vanguard Zombies. As per the developers, “players will also encounter some other surprise elements later in Season One that will set the stage for our upcoming Main Quest. This Main Quest will be tied to the arrival of an unexpected ally after Season One, which will further expand the narrative of the Dark Aether, and reveal more details about the characters and entities that players will have encountered thus far.” The Vanguard Zombies will have “for the first time in Zombies” a free base Tier of each Perk once players unlock access to that particular Perk and allow players to upgrade each Perk up to Tier 4 in-game.

Apart from this, you can expect new objectives, added Covenants, new weapons, Zombies Season Challenges, holiday-themed updates, and more as soon as the Vanguard Zombies drops. Players will be allowed to mix and match between different combinations of Covenants, Artifacts, Perks, and weapons to develop more powerful new builds. All of this new and added content will definitely keep players occupied until Vanguard Season 1 releases later in December this year. The Vanguard Season 1 will mark a dimensional shift in Warzone as players will get to play on a brand new Pacific Map as well as witness WWII-era weapons from Vanguard. There will be new modes as well as Operators directly from Vanguard coming to Warzone.

Call of Duty: Vanguard launches November 5 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.