Visceral Games Vice President Leaves Studio

by AOTF Staff

Visceral Games Vice President, and General Manager Steve Papoutsis has left the studio according to several reports this morning.

The news comes via Kotaku which in a statement made to them by EA stated; “We are thankful for Steve’s many contributions to EA and wish him the best,” said a representative of the company. Steve has been replaced by Scott Probst whom is the son of former EA Executive, Larry Probst who served as Chairman. In a reply to Polygon, EA said the following regarding the future of Visceral Games and what, if any effect this has on the company’s plans;

“The Visceral team continues to be focused on new game content for Battlefield Hardline including expansion packs, as well as new development projects,”

Good to know that the company is still focused on Battlefield Hardline content and future projects. No word yet on why Steve Papoutsis is leaving Visceral. Over the years he has served as executive producer on titles like Dead Space and of course the more recent Battlefield Hardline. Many have characterized this is a good thing for the studio, but only time will tell. In the meantime, when can we get a Dante’s Inferno sequel?